Who can apply for bad credit mobile phones?

If you have a poor credit score and you’re having a difficult time getting approved for a phone deal from major networks, you are welcome to apply for a bad credit phone. Make sure you are of legal age that lives in the UK to be eligible.

What are the requirements needed when applying for a bad credit phone?

When applying for a bad credit phone, mobile users are advised to prepare the documents beforehand. You’ll need to provide the following: proof of identification, proof of billing address and proof of income.

What are the types of phones available?

At Crysell Phones, we have a wide range of handsets to choose from. But mostly we offer affordable handsets and smartphones from popular brands such as Apple, Samsung, LG, HTC, Nokia and more.

How much do I pay per month for a bad credit phone?

Your monthly fee for your bad credit phone contract will depend on a number of factors. Two of the most important factors are your handset choice and bundle plan. If you opt for a high-end handset, it follows that you’ll pay a higher monthly fee. The same is true if you choose a more generous bundle plan.

How long does the contract span?

Contract terms available for our bad credit phones include 12 months, 24 months and 36 months. The most common choice for majority of our customers is our 24-month bad credit phone deals, which we also highly recommend.

Can I still apply even if I am self-employed?

If you are self-employed with steady proof of income, you are welcome to apply for a bad credit phone. We just need to confirm that you are financially capable to handle the monthly fees so we can approve your phone contract application right away.

Do you run credit checks?

Since we don’t consider your credit score as a factor for your application’s approval, we don’t run credit checks on our customers. You don’t have to worry about your poor credit rating getting in the way of your bad credit phone application when you partner with us today.

Do you have hidden fees?

All fees and other charges related to your bad credit phone are disclosed prior to approval. If you want to know more details about these fees, you can contact our customer service department or you can also read the small print for more information.

When do I receive my handset?

Once your phone contract application is approved, we’ll have your handset ready for shipping right away. You should be able to receive it within 24 to 48 hours delivered right on your doorstep.

Can I switch to another bad credit plan?

In case you want to switch to a different plan or you want to upgrade to a better package, you can call customer service for more information. Upgrades are available but there are key requirements you need to meet to be eligible for this option.